Courses and Schedule

The Certificate in Spiritual Direction and Social Transformation has eight core modules:

  • Contemplative Psychology and Spirituality
  • An Introduction to 1:1 Spiritual Direction
  • An Introduction to Group Spiritual Direction and Facilitation
  • The Practice of Discernment
  • Spirituality and Social Systems
  • Christian Mystical Traditions I
  • Christian Mystical Traditions II
  • Socio-Political Discernment


We follow a semester system with elections during January and Summer terms. Students in full enrollment must begin in the Fall.

Year A (2021/2022)

Fall Semester:

  • Contemplative Psychology & Spirituality
  • Spirituality and Social Systems

J-Term (Electives):

  • Black Sacred Music as Spiritual Practice
  • Spiritual Reading for Challenging Times: Meditating on the Works of Catherine of Siena

Spring Semester:

  • The Practice of Discernment
  • Introduction to 1:1 Spiritual Direction

Summer (Elective):

  • Wilderness Prophets and Climate Crisis

Year B (2022/2023)

Fall Semester:

  • Christian Mystical Tradition
  • Introduction to Group Spiritual Direction and Facilitation

J-Term: Electives TBD

Spring Semester:

  • Christian Mystical Tradition II
  • Socio-Political Discernment

Supervision and Practicum Requirements

Each student in the certificate program should log 50 hours of practical application and 3 semesters of supervision. Practicum hours could come from a variety of sources: one-on-one direction, group direction, group facilitation, retreat leading, etc. As part of their practicum, each student will propose a project unique to their own context.

Students must log hours in multiple modalities. In other words, they should each meet with a one-on-one directee, engage in some form group practice, and engage in some form of creative project. The mix of these can vary per student, but it is important to demonstrate competency in traditional direction, group process, and justice-oriented social engagement (which can take a lot of different forms).

A cohort of students will meet with their direction supervisor 4 times per semester, except for their first semester.

*We supplement these core modules with a variety of electives. Here are some examples:

  • The Spirituality of Catherine of Siena
  • The Religion of Empire
  • The Mystical Radicalism of Simone Weil
  • Creation’s Wisdom: Spiritual Practice and Climate Change
  • The Tradition of the Holy Fool
  • Apocalyptic Spirituality and Revolutionary Movements
  • Mindful Self-Compassion
  • Luminous Darkness: Black Spirituality as Resistance