The Elisha Fund

Given the focus and nature of our work, we attract program participants with limited means. This makes sense. We exist to nurture prophetic witness, and most meaningful prophetic witness emerges outside communities of wealth and power.

Are you in a position to support emerging prophetic voices? Donate to our Elisha Fund.

Elisha was a student, protégé, and successor to the Prophet Elijah. For us, Elisha represents the continuity of the prophetic vocation, and reminds us that not only are we heirs to the prophetic tradition, but we have a responsibility to pass on everything we’ve received.

The Elisha Fund will provide scholarships to those participating in the 2 Year Certificate in Prophetic Spirituality, individual intensives, retreats, and workshops.

If you’d rather not give online, you can send a check, payable to:

The Center for Prophetic Imagination
2420 11th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

(Please note “Elisha Fund” in the memo.)