We’ll announce upcoming conferences and events in the near future.

In the meantime, here’s some wonderful content from our fall 2018 conference:

Here’s Rev. Traci Blackmon speaking at Prophetic Imagination 2018. There are burning bushes all around us, every day. Flaming crises where God is present, demanding our attention. Will we, like Moses, turn aside and bear witness?

Here’s Dr. Miguel De La Torre speaking on “Embracing Hopelessness”. In what ways is our spirituality and theology anchored in a false sense of hope? When all is hopeless, when neoliberalism has won, when there exists no chance of establishing justice, the only choice left for the oppressed is to “screw” with the structure, literally turning over the bankers’ tables at the temple. We must exchange a false hope for a sacred desperation that moves us forward to radical action.

Here’s Lynice Pinkard speaking at Prophetic Imagination 2018. We are surrounded by injustice, and most of us agree that something has to change. The truth is, part of what needs to change is us. But, as we look into our own hearts with honesty and vulnerability, do we find that we are, at a fundamental level, open to being changed? Are we willing to give up dreams of power or honor? Are we willing to divest from the system Will we stop trying to prop up the crumbling walls?