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The Enneagram is a psychological-spiritual personality typing tool which serves as a map for transformation and growth. Unlike other personality typing systems, the wisdom of the Enneagram does not put you in a box with a label and leave you there. Instead, it shows you the particular box you’ve been trapped in (aka. your …Read More »
In a letter to his discouraged friend Daniel Berrigan, Thomas Merton once wrote: “Do not be discouraged. The Holy Spirit is not asleep.”   It is easy to be discouraged by rampant injustices in our world today. Children in cages. Fascism on the rise. Environmental collapse looming. The list is …Read More »
This workshop will walk participants through a brief overview of where Queer Theology falls in the line of liberation theologies as well as a history of different types of Queer Theology. The bulk of the workshop will be sharing how particular theologians have queered Scripture passages from both the Hebrew …Read More »