Where is the Spirit at work in this world? A world where people living under occupation are blamed for their own suffering. Where people of color are murdered by police. Where many who claim to love Jesus respond to refuge children with threats of violence. Where trans folx are attacked for using the ‘wrong’ bathrooms. Where children in oil-rich lands look up to the sky in terror. Where workers around the world can’t feed their families. And where thousands live on the streets in the richest nation on earth?

Jesus’ life and message confront the oppressions that surround us, but modern expressions of Christianity routinely fail to embrace the subversive message of Jesus. How can our churches and communities center around the radical Spirit of Jesus?

If you want to go deeper into a life of faithful resistance to the Empire, host us for a three day retreat to help participants break free from the dominant scripts of our imperial culture and begin to find a more faithful, life-giving way of following the way of Jesus in the midst of empire.

We want to do more than challenge conceptual knowledge, but also equip participants in how they might more practically follow the way of Jesus in the midst of imperial culture.

Our three day retreats bring together deeper political analysis with the practice of Christian contemplation so that we might prophetically challenge the ways that our society fosters alienation and death while finding a path to healing and life.

We develop each retreat with the needs, budget, and context of the host organization in mind. Contact us for more information.