Liturgical Direct Action

Blurring the line between direct action and public worship, Liturgical Direct Action brings the examples of Jesus and the Hebrew prophets into creative dialog with the Catholic Worker movement, the Plowshares Movement, and Guerrilla Theater. 

The liturgical calendar provides opportunities for us to take our most sacred observances into the streets so that we may bear witness to the Spirit’s presence among the oppressed as we speak truth to Power.

For some example of previous direct actions, click the links to the right. 

Invite us to lead a workshop on liturgical direct action!

  • Learn the history of Christian protest movements.
  • Explore the interplay between contemplation and protest.
  • Develop discernment practices for engaging in specific injustices facing your community.
  • Be given the tools and support to plan, organize, and enact a Liturgical Direct Action.

We customize our trainings based upon several factors: the amount of time available, the host group, and the particular context of the host group.

The cost to host a training is variable; we try to work with groups of any size and any budget. 

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Jesus’ triumphal entry is an example of subversive religious street theater.